We know how difficult it is to find reliable professionals that have the know-how to work in a number of different fields. At Tailored Roofing, we provide extensive services for all projects; Repair, New Build & Refurbishment.

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Roof Cleaning


Built Up Felt

Built-Up Felt Roofing is a water proofing system which can include insulation, thus creating either a cold, warm or inverted (Green/Landscaped) roof.

This traditional roofing system has been and still is used on New Build and Refurbishment Projects along with Repair work also.


Tile & Slate

Tile & Slate have been the trusted roof coverings for pitched roofs since the roman times, therefore don't change what isn't broken!

Tile & Slate provide a very long lasting roof at a relatively low cost.

We are also accredited with British Heritage for specialised buildings and contracts.

Fascia, Soffit & Guttering

Fascia, Soffit & Guttering is a very important aspect of your roof as this is the most common area to develop a problem.

Tailored Roofing offer full replacement, refurbishment and repair services to cover any issue you may have with your fascia, soffit & guttering.

Climbing a Ladder

Lead, Zinc & Copper

Lead, Zinc & Copper are traditional roofing systems which generally are used in conjunction with other roofing systems. 

They are very long lasting and perfect for the special details or  high risk areas due to their long lasting properties.

Pitched Roof Windows

Pitched Roof Windows are perfect for turning your loft into another room or to bring more natural light into a specific area of your home.

We offer New Installations and also replacement of existing pitched roof windows.

Approved Installers of all major brands, including; Velux, Fakro, Rooflite etc.

fibreglass roof.jpg


Fibreglass Roofing is an alternative option for flat roofs which can provide a long lasting and cost effective solution for your flat roof.

Hot Melt

Hot Melt offers an alternative roofing solution to a built-up felt system. It's made up of a heated rubberised compound applied in layers with a membrane in-bedded between the layers for added strength and finished with a top sheet.


Single Ply

Single Ply provides a strong, fast and long lasting solution for flat roofs.

The pre-fabricated sheets provide consistency and are visually appealing. It is also a relatively low cost option.

Liquid Coating

Liquid Coating is the process of waterproofing a roof with the application of specialist elasticated liquid membranes.

It is suited to all types of roof; Flat, Pitched, Domed, and is very effective for small or challenging roof areas as it is a seamless membrane system.

green roof.jpg

Green Roof

Green Roofs are made up of laying of Sedum Blankets and/or Plug Planting into a specialised substrate system on top of an insulated Built-Up Felt Roofing System

Green Roofs are becoming ever more popular within the industry and also domestically as we all focus on being more environmentally aware.

Plus some Local Authorities will give you a discount on your council tax if a certain percentage of your home is covered by a Green Roof!

Roof Cladding

Roof & Wall Cladding is a common system for industrial projects due to its energy efficiency, fire resistance, wind resistance and long life.

Pink Roof
Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation

We offer a full Solar Panel Installation service including all connections. Although we are also happy to just complete the roofing aspect of your installation if preferred.

Roof Lights

Roof lights are often required on refurbishment projects, new build specifications and in domestic properties.

We can supply and fit standard units including access / opening units or we can order custom units to suit your needs.


All of our listed services are available for Repair, New Build or Refurbishment projects

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